Discovery of lithopuncture


Lithopuncture is a method of ecological healing, through which positioning of stones on

acupuncture points of the given landscape is combined with the language of cosmogrammes, and

the holistic awareness of the Earth cosmos.


The purpose to develop lithopuncture was primarily, to have at disposal a method through which it

would be possible:


to heal problems of a place, a landscape, or a city on the etheric, emotional, and soul levels

to bring to public awareness the fact, that there are subtle levels in the environment, which


are of decisive importance for the life quality of a place, even if they are not recognised by

the modern science.




During the last years many of us have discovered that Earth is changing on its subtle levels. We

agree that the Earth changes, that we perceive, represent a self—healing process of a planet

endangered by environmental destruction and ongoing warfare in politics, in economy, among the

sexes etc. We believe that entering a process of change, the Earth is offering an alternative to

cataclysms, as the traditionally anticipated way of her transformation.


Our intuition says, that this alternative is possible only if human beings are ready to collaborate.

The holistic movements, those creating the culture of peace, those working towards a new paradigm

etc. are all supporting the change in a relevant way. Yet we feel that also a conscious collaboration

with the Earth transformation process itself is needed. It needs also to bring our human contribution

into this development, to become co-creators of the new Earth cosmos.


This is the purpose why few years ago we created a network called "Life Web: Geomancy and

Transformation", why we are developing Healing Biotopes like Tamera. This is also the purpose,

why we intend to build Geopuncture.


Creating Geopuncture we intend to use the knowledge gained while developing lithopuncture,

including the knowledge how a work of this kind can be integrated into society. And yet we intend

to create something new.




During the first phase of Earth changes (1997-2003) the subtle body of a "new Earth" was prepared.

It is too subtle to be perceived by people who are not trained in conscious deep perception. Thus its

influence on the body of human civilisation is minimal. To increase its influence and thus to

stimulate the overall transformation process (we do not need more wars and more environmental

destruction), ways should be found to ground the new subtle body of the Earth cosmos. Ways

should be found to bring the new space closer to form, i.e. closer to the day—to—day reality.


Through creating Geopuncture it is possible to create a catalyst, that would help the fine new

qualities to proceed on their path of manifestation. Before the new civilisation can take on proper

forms, an intermediary step is needed, which can be provided by Geopuncture and by the

communities of people who work on their erection.


The knowledge, how to create Geopuncture is partly derived from study of the ancient stone circles.

Some of them were created as libraries of the universal peace knowledge, that can nowadays serve

as a source of inspiration concerning the blue-print of change. Attuning to the ancient stone circles,

we specially are searching for the information, that at that time was stored for the future; their future

being identical with our present.


The process of building is not less important as a Geopuncture itself. The human race is perpetually

hurting universal laws, which is generating violence between human beings and nature, as well as

among ourselves. By building Geopuncture, we search for the cosmic patterns that underlay the

universal community of life. The knowledge thus gained will help in turn to establish patterns of

peace within ourselves and in our environment.