Sabine Lichtenfels


born in 1954, studied Theology in Germany. On completion of her studies she assumed a number of posts as teacher of Religious Studies. She resigned when learning that it was forbidden for a curate to live in a shared house. 

In 1981 Ms. Lichtenfels abandoned her career within the church and began a step towards the innovative research for which she is known today.

Her main research questions at that time were: How do communities, that are defined as human communities, are created? What are the foundations of life and living that enable love and fidelity to be lived? Why have the principles of humanity and loving thy neighbour, as spoken by Jesus, not been realised yet? Why does an overwhelming power still lie with those who prepare war and oppression? What are the necessary principles for the effective development of a peaceful culture?

Marko Pogacnik


born 1944 in Kranj, Slovenia, graduated as sculptor on the Academy od Fine Arts in Ljubljana 1967. With his family he lives in Šempas, Slovenia.

He is developing art active in the fields of ecology. geomancy, social movements and individual spiritual development.

From 1965 to 1971 he worked as a member of OHO group in the fields of conceptual art and land-art. Exhibitions include Information Show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York 1970, Aktionsraum, Munich, 1970, and Global Conceptualism Show 1950-80, Queens Museum of Art, New York, 1999
In 1971 he founded together with his family and friends, a rural and artistic community, the "Šempas Family" at Šempas, Slovenia. This existed up to 1979. Exhibitions by the Family include Trigon 1977 in Graz and the Venice Biennalle of 1978.
Since 1979 he is engaged in geomantic and Earth healing work. In the mid 80-s he has developed a method of Earth healing similar to acupuncture, by using stone pillars with carved cosmograms, positioned on acupuncture points of the given landscape. He calles it "lithopuncture".

Peter F. Frank


born in 1974. started research in geomancy and spiritual practices at early age. Became teacher and workshop leader for Hagia Chora and other insitutions. 

Working as an artist in Germany and other countries and creating innovative spaces for cultural and social development: "Embassy of Planet Earth", "cantina - the free kitchen", "Neue Räume". His spaces are grounded on a vision of freedom and a new "WE" including the "I", the earth as a being and the "Whole".

Cocreator of GAIA•TOUCH - Present communication.

Poet and performance artist "BEING in".