Proposal for an artistic project to be developed in collaboration with the Botanical gardens of



The Botanical Garden of Prague has decided in the year 2007 to create a circle of cosmogrammes


on its ground to celebrate the quality of planetary equilibrium.

The planetary equilibrium in all its aspects is of decisive importance not only for the life of plants,


but also for the life of all living beings on Earth.


The modern human civilisation has started to seriously damage planetary equilibrium through

ecological distress projected upon nature world-wide. To reverse the trend that leads towards

destruction of life upon the Earth, conscious effort towards re-establishing equilibrium on all levels

of culture and natural environment is needed.


The proposed project of a double cosmogramme circle on the grounds of the Botanical gardens of

Prague is an example of conscious effort to support global equilibrium through balancing of



The cosmogramme circle in Prague will have a form of two spirals representing two opposite poles

that balance each other. It will be created by an international group of artists who are familiar with

creating cosmogrammes.


Creation of cosmogrammes, visual signs that are capable to transmit information beyond the limits

of space and time.


Concept of the double spiral stone circle


Equilibrium means basically that two opposing forces are brought into balance. These two forces

are represented through two spirals enfolding into two opposite directions.


The first spiral is composed of 18 cosmogrammes of which each refers to a particular country or

landscape within Europe.


The second spiral is composed of 21 cosmogrammes, of which each refers to a particular country or

landscape belonging to other continents or oceans of the Earth — to Africa, Asia. Oceania, Australia

and America.


For each of the 39 chosen places the participating artists will create a corresponding cosmogramme

that reflects the identity of that place. The cosmogrammes will be made in plaster to be finally cast

from geopolymers (man made stone technologies, looks like natural stone) and arranged on river

stones, creating a form of two spirals (see pic at the attachment).


The first spiral is dedicated to different cultural issues so that it represents the human culture, while

the second spiral is primarily dedicated to natural phenomena world-wide. In this way the balancing

of the two spirals also means seeking equilibrium between human culture and Earth’s nature.


Realisation of the work starts with positioning of the first 30 cosmogrammes in the year 2007

(August 2"“ to 9”‘) and continues in the next year. The travelling costs and costs of living in Prague

will be covered by the organisator.


Each of the participating artists chooses two European and three world-wide landscapes/countries

for which he or she would like to create cosmogrammes.